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Serve up a smooth dine-in experience with QR code ordering

Hospitality is changing — more customers want the convenience of fast, contactless dine-in service.
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How it works

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    Your customer scans the table's QR code using their phone.
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    Place order and pay.
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    The order goes straight to your kitchen printer.

Why you’ll love QR code ordering

The key is convenience: 64% of customers prefer to order digitally, even for dine-in.

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    Better restaurant experience

    Less time on transactional activity means more time on managing diner experience.

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    Faster table turnover

    Customers can instantly access their bill on their own phone and pay right away.

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    Keep overhead costs low

    Short-staffed? Greasy, crumpled menus? No longer a problem.

Get Started

Quick & easy setup

No need to find an external code generator — a QR code is instantly created each time you add a table in your Admin Portal.

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Branded experience for your diners

Impress your guests with beautiful QR code table toppers that reflect your brand. Our creative team is just a tap away!

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All our products work together in one system, so you can focus less on setting up and more on running your restaurant.

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