About Restoplus

We empower restaurant owners to take control of their business.

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The food industry has been heavily disrupted by 3rd party ordering platforms. Commissions from these platforms have largely impacted hardworking restaurant owners, forcing some of them to shut their doors permanently.
For the love of food, we started Restoplus to empower individual restaurant owners to have a fighting chance against the food aggregators.
In 2020, Restoplus became a Skalata Ventures portfolio company and continues to be the holistic partner of restaurants in reducing heavy commissions, expanding online presence, and improving customer retention.
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    Our Mission

    To provide an all-in-one tech platform for restaurants to help run their business independently and efficiently.

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    Our Vision

    Empowering Restaurant Owners across the globe.

Our Core Values

  • Commitment

    We make it a point to excel at what we do; we seek to know what our clients want before they even know it.

  • Innovation

    Our work's inspiration comes from the numerous technological possibilities we can bring at your fingertips.

  • Impact

    We're not just a tech company. We're here to be your partner in achieving business growth.

  • Passion

    We love what we do so we just keep getting better every time.