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The Killer Tomato Pizzeria
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Our Products

All of our products are seamlessly integrated into one platform leading to an incredible operational efficiency for your restaurant.

Free SSL Secured Website

84% of today’s customers think that you’re more credible if you have your own website. We’ll secure you one for your online presence and improved customer trust.

  • Free for life, totally!

    Have it when you sign up for our free plan.

  • Hosted on your own domain

    Improve your credibility by having your own domain.

  • Connected to your admin portal

    Experience the efficiency of managing your restaurant in our powerful admin portal.

Free SSL Secured Website Image

Online Ordering System

Increase your leads by connecting your website to your very own online ordering platform.

  • Efficient Management

    Control your settings with your mobile phone anytime, anywhere

  • Secured transactions with Stripe

    Ensure your customer’s transactions with one of the leading online payment processing companies in the world.

  • User-friendly interface

    Provide leads with a well-thought out ordering journey that decreases the chance for cart abandonment

Online Ordering System Image

Your own Loyalty Program

Reward loyal customers and improve customer retention by establishing your own loyalty program

  • Easy set-up

    Customise your loyalty settings just by toggling buttons

  • Currency-based credits

    Let your customers track their credits easily with a currency-based reward system

Your own Loyalty Program Image

Table Booking

Improve customer experience by letting them select their dining space

  • Hassle-free booking

    Your customers can book their table from their mobile device or computer

  • Dedicated section for customer requests

    Turn on settings for customer requests to provide your diners with their needed equipment and service.

Table Booking Image
Coming Soon

Table Ordering

Save your customers the hassle of falling in line with our upcoming table ordering feature.

  • Pay from the table

    Let your patrons easily pay from their phone through our platform

  • Less Work

    With them not needing the assistance, your staff can attend to more important work.

Table Ordering Image
Coming Soon

Point of Sale

Our Sunmi V2 printers are configured with Restoplus software so you can print orders and table booking transactions conveniently.

  • Dedicated Equipment

    With this dedicated equipment, you won't get interrupted with unnecessary notifications while on the go.

  • Mobile Data Empowered

    Sunmi V2 has a sim card slot so you can operate smoothly even when your internet connection is interrupted.

Point of Sale Image

We have a much better relationship with our customer through Restoplus because we can send out a text message to them every now and then; and we can update them with the app and the website’s getting a lot of positive feedbacks—so I think we’ll stay with Restoplus for a long time.

Tom Nelson
The Killer Tomato Pizza - Newton, SA

With my own Restoplus app, it’s a lot better. The people like it so it’s good. I get a lot more orders in Restoplus than Ubereats.

Mario Cavuoto
Kidman Park Pizza House- Kidman Park, SA
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