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Hear from our Customers

Our clients are so proud of their mobile app, they would vouch for us any time of the day. Listen to what they have to say about Restoplus!

The Mobile App that Restoplus has developed for us (The Killer Tomato Pizzeria App) is second to none. We benefit from the app everyday and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for their own online ordering system (highly convenient than a website, and that means a lot to us and our customers).It has saved us a fortune in the last few years, and I would be more than happy to have a chat if anyone has second thoughts about having their own App.

Tom Nelson

The Killer Tomato Pizza - Newton, SA

It is THE BEST app for restaurants out there...u save so much of money with this app compared to the other online ordering systems and the best part is that you get to interact with the customers. good job guys!!!

Siddharth Sundararaj

Madras Kitchen - Grand Junction Rd

Ezhil and the crew at Restoplus have been an absolute asset to my business as we’ve grown together and had offered nothing but the best service and support .. they work with you until the app is 100% up to your standards. They are very affordable as aren’t a commission based business. I won’t go anywhere else... love your work , keep it up.

Zak Kartabani

Zak’s Pizza & Grill - Happy Valley

From my experience of having the app for 4 years - it's an amazing application. Efficient, professional and very easy to download. It helps your business to grow, making your customers happy with the loyalty program it offers, plus a lot of other options to use like the notification system, that allows you to send your specials to your customers in a very quick and easy way. And the most important thing, you only pay one monthly fee, not like other company that take all your hard work with high commissions. Frankly saying, it's the best App around that offers lots and run by professionals like Ezhil.

Wessam Daou

Sam's Plaza Pizza - Holden Hill

3 years ago I was paying approximately $750 a week in commissions to online order companies, such as Menulog and Eatnow. Restoplus helped me reduce these costs and put that money straight back into my business. It took a few months for the word to get out, however we now do more then 85% of our online orders through our very own Application. We are now paying less than $200 per week on commissions and we have a lot more control over our customer base. Our customers are now OUR customers. This app creates a loyalty between the customer and the business that no other online feature can compare to. Also the fact that we can directly communicate to the customer through the app at no extra cost has taken our business to a whole new level. I have recommended restoplus to all of my friends and I would definitely incorporate it in any future business that I own. The money I have saved (approximately $25k per year) I re invest into my advertising and my customers. I have not needed to increase my prices for over 2 years now due to my profit margins remaining at the benchmark we require to operate successfully.

Hisham Najjar

La Romana Pizza Bar - Broadview