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Switching your customer to a different online ordering platform

May 15, 2020 12:46:11 PM


Are you a restaurant owner who is complaining about the high commissions charged by Menulog?

If yes, this is for you.

I understand that Menulog is charging high commissions, but the real question is - beyond the fact that you're upset, what have you done about it.

Which leads to the idea of doing something about something that is bothering you.

When you are a small business who is facing a problem, the obvious first step is to seek a solution and then trying to implement the solution.

At Restoplus time and again we talk to individual restaurant owners who understand that they got a high commissions problem and they are also seeking to solve the problem and they reach out to us.

Sometimes a few owners will reject the solution stating that their customers will not switch from Menulog. That's right. So let's dig a bit further …

Different point-of-views:

Basically as an owner you have got a preferred medium for the customer to order with you, which could be to "call you on the phone", at the same time every single customer would have their own preferred way of placing the order.

Some would like to call, some would prefer website, some Menulog etc …

So the point is not to convert every single customer to the medium that you would prefer, which is quite impossible. Instead it is wise to alter your preferred medium to something that is as close as possible to something that most of your customer would prefer.

This is kind of meeting in middle and instead of trying to convert everyone. It is about taking the first step and being gentle in communicating the fact that you would like it better if your customer orders with you through the new medium. Be it website or mobile app!

Most often restaurant owners sign up for a mobile app or create a new website and expect customers to instantly switch to the new mode of ordering. But it never works. As change makers we should understand that the magnitude of change that you're trying to create.

The preferred mode of ordering for any customer is a behaviour they acquired over a period of time shaped by an array of past experiences and it definitely takes a few exposures at the least before the customer makes the switch, so plan on a process and do not rush through it.

At Restoplus, when we create a mobile app for your restaurant, we not only provide them technology, instead we also provide them with promotional materials which will help them plan on a transition in due course, one at a time, drip by drip it builds up.

There are customers who have got 1000s of downloads build over time and this is the best customer database they have ever built. Now this is obviously their digital asset, giving them the ability to be on their customer's home screen, perhaps right next to Facebook and Instagram 🙀

The following example is one of the clients Pizza Craft they have been one of the patrons since the early days and now they have got 3000+ downloads together on App Store and Google play.

Screen Shot 2020-05-15 at 10.27.49 am

Now imagine, with just a few keystrokes they could reach out to all of their customers instantly using push notifications, which when tapped would take the customer directly to their app. This is being connected!

If you would like to have a mobile app for your restaurant, talk to our friendly team today for a free consultation. 

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If you are not a restaurant owner, then I’m sure you are using one app or other to place orders with your local restaurant, so the next time onwards please use a commission free system which would benefit you and also the restaurant owner to make the world a better place.

Commissions are unsustainable.

#SayNoToCommissions #SupportLocalBusiness

Nish Sowdri
Written by Nish Sowdri

As the founder and CTO of Restoplus our objective is to make mobile apps affordable for restaurant owners

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