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Launching Website Ordering for Restaurants today 🎉

Jun 1, 2020 2:08:56 PM

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Live Demo

Today I am incredibly happy to announce that we are launching the “version 3” of our product.

We have been working on this version for the past four months and our team has worked incredibly hard to bring this to life. With this version we are launching the website ordering for restaurants.

Website ordering has been one of the most common request since the day we launch the mobile app.

With this version, the focus had been on the ordering experience in small screens such as mobile phones and tablets. Of course we cannot ignore people occasionally visiting a website on big screens, especially developers like me!

To cater to multiple screen sizes, we have used responsive design and I have included a screenshot of how the menu looks on mobile here.

Live Demo

With this version we have followed “mobile first design” strategy. This was pioneered by Twitter bootstrap around 15 years ago, it has never been more relevant than today, where most of the traffic is actually coming from mobile phones.

One thing that is impossible to guess, is to figure out where your next customer is to going to access your website from, so the best bet is to rely on a product that is built from the ground up for all screen sizes, such that your customers are going to have an extremely good experience irrespective of their screen size.

But of course one thing that we could be sure of is the fact that most of your customers are going to visit your website from mobile phones, that's why it's extremely essential to have the best mobile ordering experience ever. Given mobile screens are so small, a nice UX could only be achieved by paying meticulous attention to detail and coming up with a design that is tailor-made for mobile phones. 

Rest assured, if you are a restaurant owner look no beyond than Restoplus for your website and online ordering solutions. 

Of course this is still a beta version and there’s are a lot of features missing, nonetheless, we are putting it out to you.  Do take a look at the demo restaurant “Pablo’s Pizza” and place a few orders, it will all end-up in the cloud anyways! 

We would love to hear from you, you can always send your feedback to Looking forward …

Nish Sowdri
Written by Nish Sowdri

As the founder and CTO of Restoplus our objective is to make mobile apps affordable for restaurant owners

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